Ghost light Littles
Grades 1 - 7

Ghostlight Young Company's mission is to provide educational opportunities for everyone age 6 and up.  

Our Class Offerings:

Creative Drama: The Littles Program welcomes children in 1st through 7th for Creative Drama.  In this workshop, we focus on skills used on the stage, helping to develop imagination, voice, body movement, storytelling, and other performance skills.  Students also learn theater terminology so they are ready to be part of the fall show.

Stage Craft: The Littles Stage Craft program is limited to students in 4th through 7th grades.  In this program, the participants get a taste of many of the technical aspects of theater and get to "learn by doing."  The curriculum includes projects in scenic design, construction, lighting, sound, costumes and makeup.

A tentative class schedule is below.

Fall Session Tuition: $200, discounted rate for siblings.
Tuition reduction available based on financial need.

All classes will take place at Scout Hall, 5315 28th Ave S, Gulfport, FL 33707 

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Tentative schedules are below: