Announcing our next production
Spring 2024

Audition and production dates will be announced soon!

A note about casting:  non-traditional casting is always welcome at GYC.  This show does require a male-presenting actor of color. Contact for a perusal script.  Familiarity with the script is encouraged.


It was a simpler time in the late 1940s, especially in South Georgia and specifically in a sleepy little town called Second Samuel. What had been called the Great Depression was quickly fading into memory. The war had been won, the election was now over, and "Give 'em Hell Harry" was still president. It had been an exciting time for sure, but the folks in Second Samuel were ready for things to settle down and get back to normal. Except—this was the summer Miss Gertrude passed away, and deep dark secrets were about to be revealed. Nobody could have imagined how the death of one sweet little old lady would turn the entire town upside down, leaving everybody in Second Samuel wondering if anything would ever be normal again!

This wonderful script is filled with laughter brought by the colorful residents of Second Samuel. In between the funny moments, the characters have to confront the discovery of things not being what they seem and of “otherness”. The show centers on the passing of the beloved Miss Gertrude, her secret, and its impact on the town. 

A “simple” young man, B-Flat, serves as our narrator throughout. In his efforts to understand the angry and hateful reaction of the townspeople, he teaches them the important lesson of acceptance. 

B FLAT – (male-presenting, 18-25 yrs) – Young, simple-minded man, heart and soul of the town 

FRISKY – (male-presenting, 30-60 yrs) – Unofficial leader of the town, married to Omaha 

U.S. – (male-presenting, 30-60 yrs) – a black man, Frisky’s best friend 

MANSEL – (male-presenting, any age) – a harmless redneck, married to Marcela 

MR. MOZEL – (male-presenting, 35+ yrs) – the town bigot; he “don’t like nobody” 

OMAHA – (female-presenting, 30-60 yrs) – cute, stylish and bossy. Frisky’s wife 

JIMMY DEEANNE – (female-presenting, 25-45 yrs) – thoughtless, selfish and pretty, must be a good singer 

RUBY – (female-presenting, 20+ yrs) – works at the hair salon 

MARCELA – (female-presenting, any age) – good-natured, married to Mansel 

DOC – (male-presenting, 40+ yrs) – knows everybody’s secrets but “he ain’t telling” 

JUNE – (male-presenting, 30+ yrs) – town undertaker, the living make him nervous

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